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Tizo Skin Care Products - *Free Shipping over $250!

The Best Skin Care Products - Tizo Skin Care Products
TIZO Skin Care Products available by phone orders only
561.276.3111 includes Free Shipping!

Tizo brand sunscreens are Dr. Hacker’s favorite sunscreens. Tizo is the brand he uses for himself and his family.

“These mineralized TIZO Zinc oxide based sunscreens apply like no other sunscreens. They are not irritating and feel light and airy on the skin and Tizo provides unparalleled protection from the sun. I prefer Tizo sunscreens to any other sunscreen on the market. Tizo is only available through authorized dermatology offices. We are happy to ship these sunscreens for free with any phone order. Call our offices at 561.276.3111 and ask for Tizo.”
Steven M. Hacker, MD Founder, Steven M. Hacker, MDPA.

*Free Shipping for orders over $250 and only applicable to Continental United States.
TIZO3 Solar Protection Formula SPF 40 Facial Mineral Fusion

The Best Sunscreen Products - Solar Protection Formula TIZO3
TIZO3 Solar Protection Formula is very water resistant and is SPF 40 with broad spectrum UVA and UVB. Ideal for the face.

SPF40 UVA and UVB.
Facial Mineral Fusion.
By Solar Protection Formula.
Very Water Resistant .
1.5 oz.

TIZO3 available by phone orders only
TIZO BODY Solar Protection Formula 20% Zinc Oxide

The Best Sunscreen Products - Solar Protection Formula TIZO BODY
TIZO Body SPF 35 is a mineral sunscreen with 20% Zinc oxide that is ideal for Face and Body. Ideal for men and people who prefer a clear (non-tinted) mineral facial sunscreen. Utilizing multiple particle sizes of a 20% Zinc Oxide dispersion, this single sunscreen filter offers a soft, silky elegant feel that dries clear, while providing superb UVA and UVB protection. It is great for all over body sun protection. Water resistant, paraben free, fragrance free, excellent for sensitive skin.

3.5 oz.

TIZO BODY available by phone orders only
TIZO2 Solar Protection Formula Light Skin Formulation SPF 40 Facial Mineral

The Best Sunscreen Products - Solar Protection Formula TIZO2
TIZO2 is a sunscreen uniquely formulated to offer sheer, elegant protection with a sily, smooth, matte finish. TIZO2 offers unparalleled aesthetic elegance while providing superb photoprotective performance. Formulated with multiple particle sizes of micronized titanium and zinc into a light, silky texture that dries to a clear, yet matte finish on any complexion. Offers unsurpassed, irritant free UVA/UVB light protection. Paraben, oil, and fragrance free. Very Water Resistant. Excellent for sensitive skin. This formula is untinted.

8% Titanium Dioxide
3.8% Zinc Oxide
1.5 oz tube

TIZO BODY available by phone orders only

For All International Orders and outside of continental US, Call Dr. Hacker’s Office at 561.276.311 for shipping charges prior to placing your order. The will be additional shipping charges applied for international and outside of continental US orders.
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