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Removal of Stretch Marks

“Patients are frustrated when they have stretch marks and previous to this study our treatment arsenal was limited. We have tried certain lasers and tretinoin cream and these options helped only slightly and previously only providing marginal benefit,” says Steven M. Hacker, MD. “The good news is results of a recent study suggest that striae or stretch marks may be treated safely and effectively with a radiofrequency (RF) energy-generating system featuring a multi-polar (MP2) pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). This is a new use for a device we have been using for 5 years in our office. ” says Hacker.

The study published this month in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology consisted of a two-center, single-arm pilot study involving 16 women between the ages of 30 and 72 (mean age, just over 46) with varying degrees of stretch marks. Each patient received six treatments using RF and PEMF. Two independent physicians at the end of the study compared pre- and post-treatment photographs and all 16 patients completed treatment. No side effects or undesirable safety events were recorded for any patient throughout the study. Fourteen patients reported visible improvement; one was not sure; and only one saw no improvement. All patients said treatment was comfortable.

“We use this same technology in our office every day and although the results are promising, certainly more studies and more data is necessary to conclusively report that radiofrequency adequately treats striae or stretch marks,” Dr. Hacker warns. “But, the good news is, this treatment is safe and comfortable and may be worth a try based on these early results in those patients bothered by striae or stretch marks.” Dr. Hacker says. “Further, I am willing to try it on my patients as long as they realize that this is an off label use of radiofrequency since we currently use if for facial skin tightening as well as body contouring. Realistic expectations need to be understood as every stretch mark or striae is different and the responses may vary but generally speaking with radiofrequency technology we see great results and really can help patients emotionally get past the stigma of stretch marks. I believe there is a need to continue to perform radiofrequency in a safe medical setting like in our Delray Beach dermatology office versus going to a spa, for instance,” says Dr. Steven Hacker.

A frequent question is how much does stretch mark removal cost. And the best way to answer that is “a small stretch mark can be treated for as little as $99 per session while larger stretch marks will be more expensive,” says Beth VanWyk, Office manager for Dr. Steven Hacker. “Our doctors will assess each stretch mark and give patients and understanding of the cost and duration of treatment prior to beginning therapy,” VanWyk says.

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