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Tired of your Brown Spots?

If you have flat discolorations on the back of your hands, or on your face, or on your chest, then you most likely have discolorations called solar lentigines , “liver spots” , solar dyschromia or “brown spots” and, if you are like most people, then you are tired of the appearance of your Brown spots.

They make your skin look old and, if this bothers you, then Dr. Steven Hacker has a simple, safe, painless Brown spot removal option for you...

What does it cost and how many treatment sessions?
Starting as low as $399** for laser removal of multiple brown spots and including a consultation with Dr. Hacker, Dr. Hacker uses The Alex TriVantage® Laser as his Total Brown spots & Pigmented Lesion Solution. Typically brown spots can be treated in one to two sessions.

Alex TriVantage
Why is the Tri Vantage Nd Yag Laser preferred by Dr. Hacker for our patients?
Dr. Hacker explains that the Q-switched Alex TriVantage is a revolution in Brown spots & Pigmented Lesion Treatment with laser.

This laser is excellent for its safety, affordability, reliability and time tested results.

The TriVantage Alexandrite is renowned for it’s superior ability and remarkable performance on Brown spots of all shapes and all locations.

Is Brown spot Removal painless when performed by Dr. Hacker?
If and when appropriate, Dr. Steven Hacker injects local anesthetic into the treatment site using a needle the size of your eyelash. The injection is barely felt after that but more importantly it numbs the treatment area, so we can treat you painlessly with the laser. Alternatively, for a wide area, Dr. Hacker may just use topical lidocaine to minimize the effects of the laser.

How does Dr. Hacker’s Q switched Alex Trivantage laser work?
Dr. Hacker uses lasers to produce a very short burst of intense but gentle laser light. This light Dr. Hacker generates using his Alex Trivantage Q switched laser has the proper wavelength (“color”) to be absorbed by pigment. (Pigment is any “colored” substance.) Absorption causes “photothermolysis”, or heat damage, preferentially to the implanted Brown spots or skin discolorations pigment without significantly damaging surrounding skin tissue. Dr. Steven Hacker’s laser treatment usually leaves other adjacent tissue relatively intact, so that healing occurs with normal pigmentation, or skin color in most patients.

**Pricing for laser treatment of brown spots is dependent upon the size of the area, the location and the number of brown spots treated**

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